Email marketing is not going anywhere in the near future. So how your messages are treated once they reach your contacts inbox is more important than ever before. Take a look at the statistics below then click to read the article from the Infusionsoft Blog.

By the year 2017 approximately 132 billion business emails will be sent every day. (Did you see that? it said EVERY DAY). That's just the business emails, these numbers do not take into consideration the personal emails people receive on a daily basis. So where does that leave you and your marketing emails? Do they end up in the Spam folder never to be seen again and deleted within 30 days? I hope not but I'm sure some do.

So, what are you going to do about it? You're going to start today by changing your Email Subject Lines. The article below outlines 5 things you can do or avoid doing to keep your readers from swiping to the left to delete.

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