Fitness Business Systems Implementation

Did you just purchase a system with all the pieces to make your Fitness Business skyrocket?

The system in a box that is supposed to make you tons of money in a very short time?

  • Have you read the directions?

  • Have you taken the time to watch the videos?

  • Have you printed the forms to utilize?

That’s what I thought. You’re too busy with your current business model to take the time to open the box, click on the link?

So how is the $$$ that you spent making you $$$$ more money?

What you need is IMPLEMENTATION.

That’s right, you need the system taken out of the box, and put to work!

Are you struggling with the prospect of delving into the unknown because you have no clue what an Autoresponder is? Auto WHAT? That’s what I’m talking about. You know the language of fitness, if I were to tell you to do 10 Russian Twists or 10 Burpees you’d know exactly what I was talking about but Autoresponders?? OK are we on the same page? Then keep reading.

You need help implementing the program that you just bought. If you bought any of the products Fitness System Marketers have created then you have a gold mine just ready to be mined. These clients have brought in $$$$$$ by implementing just one included programs. Just think what you could do if you had a team of “IMPLEMENTERS” ready to implement all of the programs?

Now you’re remembering the WHY you bought the program in the first place!

It’s to bring in more clients to your Fitness Business.

WHY do you want to bring in more people to your Fitness Business?

Remember that WHY? To help people get healthy. To END THE TREND OF OBESITY.

How are you going to do what you are called to do if you’re sitting at your desk, in your car, at home trying to be with your family if you keep thinking about that SYSTEM that is just sitting there gathering dust. When the system could be working for you while you’re going all these other things.

The thing about systems and automation is that the systems work when you’re relaxing with your family or training a client.

You don’t have to be watching your email to make sure that you didn’t miss someone sending you an email and that you forgot to respond. That’s the beauty of Autoresponders. Yep, there’s that word again. Auto What?

Autoresponders are the wonderful mechanism that cares for your prospective client (the one you’re going to help stop their diabetes, get their heart healthy again after a heart attack, coach the high school athlete so they make the team then get the scholarship so they can go to college) you get the picture… back to what I was saying…

Autoresponders are the system in a system that will care for your clients and send them information automatically. Yep you heard me. It’s all automated. No more sitting watching the emails go out 1 by 1 through your Outlook or Yahoo account. Typing them one by one. You’ve got this now. Right?

Wait, the HOW.

Well, you could spend another $$$ to learn how to use AWeber, 1ShoppingCart, or my favorite Infusionsoft but you’re right back where you started.

Now you’ve got to learn another system. More time spent NOT using the program you just purchased and more training that you didn’t want to take.

It’s OK. Take a deep breath (a deep cleansing breath) relax and breathe. I’ve got your back.

My passion is to help end the trend of obesity but I’m not a fitness trainer. I don’t have a clue what a Russian Twist is and I think I’ve done a Burpee or maybe that’s what my son does after he downs a huge glass of water. Hmmmm but I digress.

You need HELP with the IMPLEMENTATION. You need someone who knows the systems to make the systems work.

That’s where my team comes in. WE KNOW and LOVE to work the systems. We can take the materials that you’ve purchased with your hard earned cash and turn it into an automated cash cow to help your fitness business teach more people how to do a Russian Twist or a Burpee (sans loud gulping of water) and watch the smiles on their faces when they’ve just completed their first 5K. The first __________ you fill in the blank.

So what are you waiting for?

Fill out the form below to get information on how to get started. Yep, you got it. It’s AUTOMATED IMPLEMENTATION, you’re going to get an automated response from me with more detailed information about how my SYSTEMS work. NO you won’t be reading a 10 page report. It’s just a short 2 page report that will give you some tips on how to get your system started. If you like what you read and are ready to get started there will be a link to send me a personal message along with a few details of the system you’ve purchased. You will receive a PERSONAL response from me or someone on my team (nope it’s not all automated) to get your system IMPLEMENTED within 1 week.

That's our promise.  From the date of us receiving the all the details of your system we will have it on auto pilot within 5 business days.

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