Spa MarketingA proven all in one system to save time, grow your client base, and keep the clients you already have.

The All in One Spa Marketing system is a cloud based program that contains a series of campaigns designed specifically for the Spa and Wellness community. Your business will shine as your clients and potential clients see you going the extra mile to impress them. Our systems follow your prospects from the beginning to the closing and nurtures them throughout the process by only giving them information that suits their needs.

What's Included

An exclusive Marketing Automation system that includes customized campaigns created specifically for spa marketing. These campaigns have been tested spas across the country and have resulted in thousands of new clients while nurturing and keeping current clients happy and satisfied. As an added bonus, we'll set up your system for you with your logo and colors and import your data. Our base package includes the following campaigns configured for your business.

  1. Welcome to Our Spa - prospect series
  2. Appointment Automation (Including reminders to your staff and client)
  3. Current System Review
  4. New Client Welcome and orientation series
  5. Birthday emails (automatic)
  6. Import all current clients and prospects

Also included in the Spa Marketing Base package

  1. Newsletter signup
  2. Newsletter template
  3. Consultation Request
  4. Referral Tracking

Statistics say that businesses that are using marketing automation to nurture their prospects experience a 451% increase in qualified leads.

All Spa Marketing Systems come with

  • Monthly consult with our team
  • Report Tracking Dashboard
  • Mobile App
  • Customized CRM System
    • Email Marketing
    • Organized contacts
    • Custom email templates
    • Multiple users
    • Custom Fields - You decide what fields you need
  • Track client engagement
    • custom follow-up messages
    • Automatic lead capture
    • Trigger personalized messages

Some say that by purchasing Spa Marketing System they’ve been able to reduce their staff because this is more than a CRM it’s a personal assistant that doesn’t require coffee breaks and won’t ask for a vacation.

Spa Marketing Strategy and Implementation

  • Complete New Setup
  • Campaigns
  • Webforms
  • Autoresponders
  • Newsletters
  • Import Contacts
  • Complete transfer from another program. We will export and import:
    • Every newsletter
    • Every autoresponder
    • Every webform
    • Tag your contacts based upon their tags and autoresponders in the old system
    • Set up your Referral Partner center in Infusionsoft
    • All Products
    • All Subscriptions / Recurring Orders
    • Contacts
    • Orders
    • Companies
    • Upsell
    • Abandoned Cart system
    • 3rd Party tools to make Infusionsoft rock and roll even more than it already does!